Sunday, June 24, 2012

Next Year in Jerusalem

[I]ndependent [cleric] Safwat el-Hegazi, added a radical flavour to Morsy's early campaign, taking to the stage at his events to call for a Muslim super-state across the Middle East with Jerusalem as its capital - a direct challenge to Israel with whom Mubarak maintained a 33-year-old peace treaty.

The idea gives new meaning to the phrase "next year in Jerusalem."

I thought Israel's sin was failure to recognize the right of self determination of the "Palestinian people." Apparently the "Palestinian people's" right of self determination is negotiable when other Arabs challenge it. Just as is the self-determination right of Falkland Islanders when the Argentinians challenge it. It's starting to look as though the whole "self-determination" meme is just a scam with which to browbeat whoever is perceived to be "the man."

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