Thursday, December 03, 2009

Whipping the Whistleblower

Senator Barbara Boxer (D. Cuckoo Land) has let it be known that, in her view, the person revealing the Climaquiddick fraud should be prosecuted.  It is possible that release of the data was a crime, and I don't regard criminal activity lightly.  But ask yourself which is worse: perpetrating a fraud on the public or revealing the fraud.  Boxer was apparently happy enough with the fraud that she wants to go after the person disclosing it.

The stories we heard were greatly alarming,
Stories of dangerous global warming.
Now hackers reveal that some of it’s fraud,
An attempt by the left to sack and maraud.

Which, you might ask, appears the worst crime:
Lying about the state of the clime
Or letting the public discover the truth?
Should we go after the ingenious sleuth?

Boxer believes you can’t handle the truth,
That showing the fraud was oh so uncouth.
She would prefer that we stayed deceived.
Now that we’re not, the senator’s peeved.

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