Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Senate Has Passed Obamacare . . .

And Obama's Christmas present to the American people is the theft of their freedom. I'd prefer the Grinch, who stole only Christmas.

Most Americans
Out in America
Liked freedom a lot.
But Obama,
Who liked to rule over Americans,
Did not.
Obama hated freedom, the American ideal.
We all may wonder why, but he did it with great zeal.
Perhaps it was because he always tilted left,
And in using thuggish tactics, was unusually deft.
Another reason is the man wants to have more power,
That when he treads we common folk should bow and quake and cower.
Whatever his motives,
Thuggishness or power,
When thinking of our freedom, Obama would just glower.

Obama thought,
And thought and thought,
And came up with a plan.
He'd pretend to give us all a gift,
Which would give his power grab some lift.
Yes, he can!
He told the people healthcare was their right,
And he could give it to them all; he has the might.
He didn't tell them what it cost,
Or in the end what they'd have lost.
He promised them that, in his care, they'd all be fine
With the right to wait in line.
You bought the hope, so heave a sigh
And look Obama in the eye, and buck up now and don't you cry,
For he'll decide just when you die.
Your right to life has gone bye-bye.

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