Thursday, December 17, 2009

Secret Text of Pending Legislation

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell alleges that Majority Leader Harry Reid is keeping the text of the latest Obamacare version secret while he tries to round up votes. From this we must conclude that the actual text of the bill is not germane to the "yes" vote of those whose votes Reid is able to get. Sheesh!

Voting on bills that haven’t been read
Just recently caused a kerfuffle.
We all laughed in scorn at what they all said,
At the tap dancers doing a shuffle.

But the text of Obamacare’s being kept secret;
Not even the staff gets to read it,
While Senator Harry stalks like an egret;
He’s got to get votes or concede it.

This pulls back the curtain on raw calculation,
The terms of the bill do not matter.
The merits be damned is the clear implication,
Remaining illusions just shatter.

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