Tuesday, November 17, 2009

$6.4 Billion Allocated to Fictitious Congressional Districts

Watchdog.org reports that stimulus money went to 440 fictitious congressional districts, districts that do not exist. You would think that someone trying to hide graft would do a better job that that, but apparently you would be wrong.

At least $6.4 billion taxpayer dollars seems likely to have been stolen. I say "at least," because why would one assume that money was spent as advertised just because some staffer found a real congressional district number to peg it to?

The stimulus bucks would give us a boost;
That was the pitch we were sold,
But the grifters and con men quickly were loosed,
And now we find we were rolled.

Our money was sent to fictional places,
Districts that do not exist.
The usual suspects were off to the races,
And government graft still persists.

Our money now lines some rent seekers’ pockets,
And Congressmens’ probably too.
It’s lost in the ether just like a rocket,
And no one’s around we can sue.

Now here’s just one reason among many others
Why government needs to stand down.
It’s not looking after us as would our mothers;
If you believe that you’re beclowned.

It spends like a sailor with one night ashore;
It’s wastefulness always expands.
There’s never enough; it always needs more.
We’re left in the worst of all hands.

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