Monday, October 19, 2009

Trade Your Cadillac in for a Yugo, Even-Steven

Politico reports on the Senate health care bill's proposed tax on so-called Cadillac plans:
The tax is designed to pay for reform and lower costs by making the so-called Cadillac plans less attractive for insurers to offer.
The Democrats tell us that we must believe
From private health care we must be reprieved.
I’ve always assumed they mean to imply
Public health care beats what we can buy.

It’s high-end health plans they now want to tax,
But not for the things that plans like that lack.
It’s high-end health plans they want to reduce;
It’s high-end health plans they deem an abuse.

With high end health plans the bar is too high;
Public health plans can’t reach for the sky.
Tear down the good things the people now have;
The poor public option will seem like a salve.

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