Monday, October 12, 2009

Barack of the Khyber Rifles

Yahoo News reports:
Saying the U.S. mission in Afghanistan is in "serious jeopardy," the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee says more troops are needed to combat an increasingly potent Taliban.
That's Dianne Feinstein talking. Similar stories of Democrat waffling on Afghanistan abound. What to do is ultimately in the President's hands. To quote Stevie Wonder, heaven help us all.

The war in Iraq, Dems often did knock
It strayed from the war in the ‘stan.
“The Afghani war we prize more by far,”
The Democrats cried to a man.
Hail to Barack of the Khyber Rifles.

The votes were collected, Barack was elected,
The war in the ‘stan’s getting harder.
Now the Dems aren’t so sure of Afghanistan’s cure,
Or of guarding the Pakistan border.
Hail to Barack of the Khyber Rifles.

“We don’t need to win” is now the new spin,
They’re selling us, oh, such a sleek horse.
Their idea’s so neat, let’s go for defeat,
Embrace being bin Laden’s weak horse.
Hail to Barack of the Khyber Rifles.

Talk of the Taliban there in Afghanistan,
Clearly a salesman’s slick pitch.
Feared weak after ’Nam, they posed like Van Damme.
Naught but a bait and a switch.
Hail to Barack of the Khyber Rifles.

From old talking points, they’re now out of joint;
Their prior positions are trifles.
Barack is the man who adds to the plan
Charisma and charm by the eyefuls.
Hail to Barack of the Khyber Rifles.
Hail, hail, hail, hail to Barack of the Khyber Rifles.

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