Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yanqui Doodle Hugo

Hugo Chavez struts around
And crows just like a rooster.
He thumbs his nose at the U.S.
And is his own best booster.

Hugo Chavez keep it up,
Hugo, the dear leader.
Keep on blaming someone else,
Or you will hit your nadir.

Pose for pictures; take a bow;
Shut down another paper.
Blame the Yanquis for your poor.
Try to make them quaver.


Arm the rebels right next door;
Complain about aggression.
You may think that these conflict,
But it’s all just projection.


Rattle missiles; rattle swords.
Rattle all your marbles.
Rattle anything you like,
But all your rants are garbles.


Venezuela is his toy;
He sets who wins and loses.
If you are even half-way smart,
You’ll do just what he chooses.


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