Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hail, All Hail Barack ObaMA

Dissent is not merely a schism.
It's the highest form of patriotism,
Except, of course, when it is not.
That's when the Dems are the ones who are got.

Dissing Obama is one of the basest
Things ever done by a GOP racist.
Bush was like Hitler and also a moron,
But Barack is a genius, an angel, and so on.

Barack will save you from insurance greed,
And give you the health care he thinks that you need.
Don't ever you worry; there's no cause to sigh.
Barack will know when it's your time to die.

Obstructing Obama is not very nice.
Don't you impede his workers' paradise.
Hail, all hail Barack ObaMA,
Who will lead us all to Shangri-la-la.

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