Monday, June 30, 2008

Blogger Censoring Anti-Obama Blogs?

At Protein Wisdom, Dan Collins notes an apparent trend at Blogger to block anti-Obama sites. This blog hasn't been active, but rest assured it is anti-Obama.

I see Obama as a socialist. He will increase the tax burden, take over many parts of the economy, and regulate away the market mechanism in other parts. We will be much poorer after eight years of him, but he may nevertheless be loved, because he will rail against evil corporations and compound the problem by messing further in the economy. Obama's socialism will do for us what Peronismo did for Argentina. And in counter point to "Bush's preemptive wars," Obama will preemptively capitulate to America's enemies. We're in for a rough stretch, one from which America might never recover. Alas.

McCain is a bad candidate from my perspective. It is a measure of the low esteem in which I hold Obama that I have the slightest bit of enthusiasm about McCain.

So, do I get blocked? Or I am too low profile? (Lord knows I'm about as low profile as you can get.)

To reply, email texthepontificator at yahoo dot com.

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