Friday, September 17, 2004

Democrat Lament

Senator Kerry is running for prez,
But pay no attention to what the man says.
He’ll say one thing here, and another thing there,
It’s peace for the salmon and feast for the bear.

The man has no principles that you can see.
Whatever you want is just what he will be.
His numbers are falling, he’s no idea why;
Perhaps it’s because the man's way too darn sly.

The liberals accept him because he’s not Bush;
The mere thought of Dubya makes blood pressures whoosh,
But Bush has a record on which he will run.
Three decades ago was John’s time in the sun.

His years in the Senate count only for naught;
For Kerry just zip is what those years have bought.
Bush was a wastrel when back in his youth,
But Kerry’s a dud right now and that’s truth.
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