Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Madeleine Begun Kane attacks Ann Coulter with a limerick:
There once was wingnut named Ann,
With one USA Today fan.
Then Ann wrote a screed
Way too lie-filled to read.
And Ann was summarily canned.

That reminded me that I have not been keeping up my quota of doggerel. Now Ann Coulter can sometimes be a little over the top, although if her picture accompanies her article, her writing style is not what you notice. But whether or not her writing is always measured, who are lefties to complain?:
There is a propagandist named Moore,
Who will lie and then lie some more.
He twists all the facts
In his polemical tracts,
And as to truth, is a festering sore.

What are the odds Madeleine will put this limerick on her site? Thanks to Seldom Sober for the pointer to Madeleine's limerick.

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