Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Unattended Children Will be Given an Expresso and a Free Puppy

A sign I saw recently that I thought was amusing.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Saddam's Complaints

Reuters gives an account of Saddam's complaints:
They brought me here to the door and I was handcuffed. They cannot bring in the defendant in handcuffs," Saddam rejoined.

. . .

Saddam complained he had had to walk up four flights of stairs because of a broken elevator in the courthouse.

. . .

Saddam then argued with the judge about his rights and his jailers' action in taking away his pen and paper.
Where's the Geneva Convention when you need it? Handcuffs, stairs, and a lack of writing implements. All for killing a few thousand people. My, my, my.
The Butcher of Baghdad has lost his pen.
The Americans took it. Oh! What a sin!
They made the old coot walk up some stairs,
And the handcuffs impair putting on airs.

Boy, once a dictator has been deposed,
They shove the disgrace right up his nose.
He lectured the judge, demanding his rights;
He's still the President in his own sights.

But one day the piper will come with his bill,
And then Saddam's voice will start to get shrill.
The man may beg, he may even wheedle,
But the murderous old bastard will still get the needle.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Just Whose Pants Are on Fire, Anyway?

Doggerel time:
Bush lied, and people died, we hear the Left proclaim.
They chant the mantra endlessly, because they have no shame.
They want us all now to think that they have been deceived,
But if they are a bunch of chumps, why should they be reprieved?

Bush did not lie; he spoke the truth as best as he could tell,
But rather than acknowledge that, the Left would bake in Hell.
We tell the Left what all believed, but that provokes hysteria.
What will they do if we find out that gas was sent to Syria?
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