Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Mohammed El Baradei Says Israel's Nuclear Weapons Biggest Threat to Middle East

China View reports:
Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei said Sunday that "Israel is number one threat to Middle East" with its nuclear arms, the official IRNA news agency reported.
This brings to mind a childhood incident in which my mother wanted to know what my brother and I were fighting about. I told her it all started when he hit me back.

Could Israel be the number one threat to peace in the Middle East?
Israel’s missiles, are we to suppose, might possibly be released?
Mohammed El Baradei is the man who makes the accusation.
But why would Israelis want to start a nuclear conflagration?

Now Israel is such a tiny place, just over the size of Vermont.
For self preservation, it’s better advised to try to get détente.
The only reason for Israelis to use their nuclear option, you see,
Is if there’s a knife against their throat, and Israel may soon cease to be.

And this is why the nuclear missiles cause so much consternation.
The Arabs know, if they take the Jews down, they’ll get the conflagration.
So El Baradei thinks the danger to peace is not from the Arab attack.
The danger he fears is the one that comes from Israel fighting back.

10/8/09 Update:
1. After I completed this, I realized I had relied on my own probable mispronunciation of "Baradei." I have no idea what the correct Arabic pronunciation is, but for the purposes of the doggerel, I was thinking of BAR a day.

2. The number one threat to Middle East peace is Arab hatred. Generally speaking, Arabs hate everyone else, but they have a special hatred of Jews. It vastly predates the creation of Israel, stemming instead from Mohammed's interaction with and slaughter of Jews in Medina.

3. At the risk of making the same mistake I criticized when made by Janeane Garofalo, I suspect El Baradei of sharing the Jew hatred of most Arabs. If so, while it is so marvelously multi-culti of us to have a Jew hater as head of the IAEA, let's don't let his title mislead us into according any weight to his thoughts on Israel.

4. I don't remember who first formulated this next point: I've read it more than once and heard it from others in conversation. If Arabs laid down their arms, they could have virtually immediate peace. No doubt there would be some delay arising from Jews being initially skeptical. (Wouldn't you be?) There would also be some initial squabbling over the exact location of a boundary on the West Bank, but in the overall scheme of things, that is small potatoes.

On the other hand, if Israelis laid down their arms, they would be immediately annihilated. Israel can be considered the primary threat to Middle East peace only if you take Arab hatred and violence as a given.

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